”Long ago, when wolves and bears roamed the land, and before underpants had been invented, the Romans conquered Britian.

But not everyone liked the Romans. Lots of people fought back. No one more stubbornly than Queen Goodica’s youngest daughter Roodica The Rude!


Wonderful news this week. Roodica The Rude and the Famous Flea Trick by Margaret Ryan, has been selected for the Richard And Judy Children’s Book Club in partnership with WHSmith and The Book Trust.

It appears alongside five other books in the Read Together section, and launches today.

The Bookseller writes: “The Children’s Book Club will present six titles in the categories Read Together, Read Yourself and Fluent Reader to aid parents with selecting the best reading material for their children.”

You can have a look at the full article here, more info on the bookclub here

Very much enjoyed illustrating the Roodica series. Very funny text. Loved scribbling all that messy hair! Here’s the cover art and some sketches from the series.

Keep peeling your eyes for this in WHSmiths!