I’m writing this with snow floating horizontally past the window of our studio, it’s very beautiful.

This month has been a month of very interesting projects…

I was commissioned again by Kew Gardens, to work on their Christmas campaign which was great. The campaign was much smaller this time around, the target audience being in the locality of Kew itself.  This time, they required 1 x artwork for use on six sheet posters, postcards and on the Kew website. Very nice indeed.

Quite the challenge designing Father Christmas without being too cliche or classic or ‘way out there’. Somewhere in the middle between classic and ‘way out there’ was where we hit it.

Also, have been working on a class book with Oxford University Press, my part was ‘The Gingerbread Man’ which has been keeping me very busy this month. It was all very…gingery and nice to work on.

Occasionally, I get asked to design characters based on some unusual animals. For example, this month I was asked to design a couple of characters for a new phonics book about Whirlegig Beetles, called The Third Whirlegig to be published by Pearson.

And lastly, received a lovely advance copy yesterday of Nana Takes The Reins published by the wonderful Chronicle books. Always a toothy grin making moment.

Think that’s enough now. Going to make a snow angel.