Saw the finished Kew Gardens poster up yesterday at London Bridge (northbound Northern line). Very exciting.

Very pleased with the way this has turned out. All looks very crisp considering its size. Colours have come through well too. It was an interesting process, so thought it would be nice to post up a glimpse of the process, from development sketches through to the finished in-situ artwork…

Below is the initial scamp from the art director, then there was a lovely graphic problem….. How do we do the ‘E’?? Absolutely loved this stage, it’s good to have problems sometimes! Really satisfying to get my tiny, rather surreal/abstract brain round this one! I then made a few suggestions and we went with the mushroom idea. Great to write the text for the main strap line too, was very happy to hear they were keeping this!

Next was the rough sketch, then after client approval, much tweaking, more direction, many phone calls with Cravens, plenty of coffee (and pressure), I finished the final art.

You can see these posters at all of the main Underground stations around London this October. Charing Cross, Euston, King’s Cross, Liverpool St, Tower Hill etc etc. Hopefully it should encourage the visitors.

Can’t help but smile over this, what a fantastic brief!

(click on the images to see ’em bigger)