I am part of a collective called Gumbo Illustration. This is a pic of us eating Gumbo. very tasty indeed. We Gumbos are from L to R: Samara Andrews, Chris Andrews, Yours Truly, Sandra Howgate, Harriet Russell and Eivind Gullikson (behind the camera).

Sometimes we pull together and work on projects. We have a book in progress at the moment called Blue Suede Shoes. Which is based on a Surrealist game. More to come on this later.

Anyway, last weekend, we were invited to do live drawing at a music/arts festival in Cambridge called Lodestar Festival.

We had a great day, met many different people and had lots of help drawing and painting from the local kids. We also ate and drank free food and beer. Which was a nice bonus. Here’s a few pics of our messy, but very fun day. (apologies to those with ‘design eyes’ if the below pic placements are a bit offensive- cos here there really is no design here. come on WordPress help us…)