What has happened to August? I haven’t written anything here in a whole month!

Thankfully, there is no law against ‘blog-neglect’, not that I know of.

So, let me tell you happened to my August, NANA. Happened. Not as dramatic as it sounds really. I’ve just been busy working on the second book in the Nana series with Chronicle Books. On the whole, it has been a huge pleasure! My hand does hurt a little, from all the intense drawing. But you will be pleased to know, it’s not quite a withered claw yet.

This book is called ‘Nana Takes The Reins’ (Following ‘Nana Cracks The Case!’) Both are highly silly, wonderfully witty and I have to say, original books.

It’s interesting to me how the second book in a series is always MUCH, much easier and smoother for all involved. (Pls insert pondering thoughts here) When I started to mull-over why this was, part of it, I think, is because we already know the main characters. They are already fully formed. So, as with the first in a series, there is no need to get to know/work out your characters (apart from the new additions of course!). For the most part, it’s just a re-acquainting…

So with NANA pretty much done, aside from a few inevitable tweaks. What in the world is next?! Well, as usual, there’s no shortage of things to do.

Today, it’s cover artwork for a Haunted House book with Usborne, Tomorrow and Friday are  well-timed days off! (pls insert expression of shock here) and next week it’ll be Activity book roughs with Oxford University Press and some editing of my story ‘Just A Note’, which I can’t wait to get back to-SO excited!

Yes, I can see these briefs now, they’re waving cheerily at me from a pile of papers on my desk. I think I should wave back, it’d be rude not too! (pls insert tiredness dilerium here).

I also think……it’s time for some days off.

Below are a couple of the final inked aws from the Nana book, in case you’re intrigued…..  Click to see ’em bigger.

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