I was in Derbyshire over the weekend, seeing some old friends for BBQs etc. I got off the train and we went for a bite to eat at a cafe just outside Chesterfield called Cafe Nostalgia. It is a really good example of the way some farms have had to diversify…It is not only a working farm, but also a Nursery (for plants, not children) and Llama farm. I have been here once before and nearly fell over backwards when a Llama wandered sulkily down the road! very strange creatures indeed.

This time was no different on the weirdness front… We’d just ordered a couple of ham sandwiches when a dog, who looked like all his Christmasses had come at once, trotted very happily past the window, with a pig’s leg in his mouth, complete with movable kneecap! A flurry of people were chasing the dog pretty desperately trying to catch him. As he galloped away, I noticed the dog only had three legs! But one extra leg in his mouth… perhaps he was going to his secret lab to perform some dastardly operation??! Made me laugh quite a lot, as my imagination began to work in overdrive! Somehow I’d gone off my ham sandwich by the time it came…

This is my new friend Freya, she is 4 and daughter of old friends Chris and Carly.  I’m told Freya recites RWR?  whilst trotting around the supermarket. Rhino is said to be a big favourite, which is lovely to hear.

This below is my delightful brother Oliver, with his copy of ‘Vile’. He then asked if ‘Vile’ was a biography!

As a friend once said, ‘Revenge is a dish served cold-  a bit like Quiche’. so be warned dear brother!