Yes, that really sums up what last week was all about..

Seem to have been working on lots of sample illustrations lately, couple of things for Egmont and Simon and Schuster and also a text on my own which I’ve been developing for Hodder. (the one that only seems to sit nicely in rhyme). This particular sample and text was sent last week, so I wait for feedback and in the meantime hold it as lightly as possible…

This is really soo key when working on samples and pitching for jobs: HOLD IT LIGHTLY. A friend of mine from the studio used to pitch and quote for work regularly. He would wave goodbye to his quote/pitch and wait to see if it came back to him. Sometimes it would, other times not. Quite a good way of avoiding disappointments. Then when you get the job, you can get as involved and delighted (and sometimes frustrated) in the project as you like!  nice.

I seem to have quite intense spells of doing sample work.  About a year or two ago, I spent virtually all summer doing sample pieces, (among other bits). I wonder if this could be a summer thing- in anticipation of the following year?? interesting…

I’ll post some of the samples up later when it’s safe to do so, all a bit on the hush-hush side at the moment. Wouldn’t be right to show you just yet.

Still working with Chronicle. Today I’ll be revising a version of the cover art. Expecting comments back on the insides in the next couple of weeks, so should be able to start inking this lovely book very soon. I look forward to that.

Whilst things are not that crazy here for once, and so, grabbing the moment whilst I can…I’m planning to work up new unpublished work for the portfolio. I’ve just finished re-reading ‘The Magicians Nephew’ by CS Lewis. Read it when I was very young and stumbled across it again lately in a 2nd hand bookshop. Before I knew it, I was completely engrossed! Amazing storytelling…. really first class in my opinion. I’m now onto the second book in series ‘The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe’. Have been wondering how I might illustrate some of this, see if I can apply a different slant on some classic text. Something I think I might have a little play with this week, among other things.