The biggest news here by far this week is the new website! It’s up.

It has indeed, been a very long time coming. I wanted to keep it very simple and clean- and just let the work speak. Steven Smart at Not So Design has done a great job. Visit the site here (if you haven’t already come from there)

Lately, I’m working on the second in the series of the Nana books for Chronicle called ‘Nana Takes The Reins!’. I was reading through the text again lately and laughing my head off… brilliant, witty and all-out bonkers writing- what a delight to be illustrating this!

Ok, in case you’re wondering about the intriguing title…. Let me explain ‘brass rubbing’:

Our imagination can be really crazy and wonderful! Back at Christmas time, I woke up with a very strong, very beautiful image in my head of a musical tree. I just couldn’t shake it away… chatted with my brother about it and in around ten minutes, the bare bones of a story idea seemed to step forward and I started to write (in my head at first) something which was scarily simple… i called it ‘Just a Note’ which at the moment I’m developing further. Strangely, the text seems to be more comfortable in rhyme, which is a surprise!

An architect friend of mine once described the ideas process to be a bit like ‘brass rubbing’. He believes that ideas already exist, we just have the pleasure of ‘bringing it forth’, like rubbing brass with wax crayon and paper. Interesting thought…I think he’s onto something.