A tale of coffee, sketchbooks, scanners and all-out stupidity!

In a strange little building on the edge of the city, up some rather creeky steps and through a heavy door. There is a room smelling of coffee. At the far end there is a light, but poky corner. There, surrounded by piles of paper a certain Illustrator today, is attempting to multitask… “OH NO!” I hear you cry. Yes, it is a sight to behold.

The combined tasks are to scan her sketchbook for her blog and drink her coffee before it gets cold. Here she goes… She teeters on one leg, holding the sketchbook on the flatbed. She instructs her mac to accept the scan. She spies her cup of coffee at the other end of the desk. Her little pickled-walnut sized brain says ‘I Need Coffee…’ NOW.

Obediently, she stretches across her desk, “Can’t… reach…cup .”  She holds the sketchbook in place on the flatbed with one foot. Approach is um… unorthodox. The scanner groans knowingly of what’s to come.

“Almost… there….”

Reaching for the coffee cup, her left knee is now on her rotating office chair. Her right foot holding the sketchbook in place.

RRRRRRRRRRRRRR said the scanner. “Got it.” said the Illustrator.

She draws just one sip of hot coffee, before the office chair rotates unexpectedly and very violently. OH DEAR. Coffee, sketchbook, arms and legs fly into the air…

“@@@*****!!!…”  said the Illustrator.

Her coffee is now rotating nicely in the microwave.

One thing at a time.

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