Well. That was fun. Just coming back down to Earth, or as close to it as I normally get.

Last week was a bit of a mega whirl of busyness, more than the usual…

It started with doing the longest day in recorded history of being-in-the-studio (on my records- anyway). 8.15am to 10.15pm. I was pooped.

After a little time to breathe on Tuesday. I trundled over to Lady Manners School in Bakewell. Met with Kat Kemp, the head of English and Caryl Hart- ‘Rhino? What Rhino?’ author extraordinaire.

We were then led down a number of crazy, maze-like corridors to the Art Department. We zig-zagged our way past the amazing pottery, some were sort of… interesting enigmas. Past a brilliant Egon Shiele lookalike drawing. V. impressive. Into a bright room where we met our Yr 10 students who had gladly given up lessons and come to help us mess around with some paints for the day.

During the day, we made up some large scenes and worked on some characters to decorate the library.

Thanks Guys, for all your help- couldn’t have done all this without you!