Yes, finally….with great joy and in a tiredness dilerium, I waved off my little friend, a picture book called ‘Vile’.

We’ve been long time friends of 2009, me and ‘Vile’. So yesterday, I zipped him up and pressed the very final SEND button. Only to find it was an extremely (what my Dad would call) ‘ Long-lingering farewell’.

Yes, the files were very, very big indeed and took almost 3 hours to chug themselves over to Lion Hudson!  Working on this was, on the whole, a very non ‘Vile’ and overall pleasant experience!

I always feel I learn a lot from doing long projects like this, as they’re so in-depth and meaty… and I think somehow there’s always a quiet sort of artistic stretch.

I’m not sure of the publication date just yet, but I know you can pre-order it on Amazon, so guessing it won’t be long.

Aside from finishing off this, this week I’ve had a couple of very interesting projects I’ve been doing sample work for.

The working title is ‘The Wrongest Gifts: 250 of the Rudest, Wrongest Gifts (including this book)”. This will be a gift book for the American Christmas market. The wanted a sort of New Yorker style look to the illos… so here’s one of the three I managed to russell up yesterday afternoon.

LOVED working on these. Really getting back to my first-love here. A little mildly edgy humour, without being crude or offensive.

This one is called For your Heavy Friend.

Number two interesting project pitch was called ‘TwitchHiker’. This is one of those ideas that really catch the imagination. Possibly started as one of those inspiring pub conversations which evolve smoothly and after many pints, into a dare…? I don’t know that for sure, but it’s got that kind of feel. Maybe you know the type of conversations i mean?

The Author, Paul Smith’s aim was to travel from Newcastle to literally the exact other side of the world, using only Twitter to arrange his travel and relying entirely on support from his followers and not being able to plan more than two days in advance. (this last part, sounds a little like life as a freelancer ?!) Anyways…..

More details here, if you’re interested:

SOO, All things that are possible to cross, are crossed for getting these…. including fingers, toes and eyes!

hmmm… I suspect prayer is actually more effective and comfortable!

Thanks for reading this far.

Enjoy your week!