It’s snowing.

I’m in the studio with radiators belting out heat as fast as possible. Tea, Mince pie. Don’t look now, but oh dear, that pile of work, is glaring at me again. Shhhh, we’ll just ignore him for a minute, whilst I write this urgent post and drink my tea.

Snow. I love it.

Earlier this year snow in London was very exciting… We had a huge blizzard in February and the whole city came to complete standstill. This February Monday morning was very different to the usual. Nine o’clock and London just sounded different. No cars, no buses. I walked to the station and everything was locked up. There was a lovely, hand scrawled sign sellotaped to the window.

It read: “No Trains todays. Consider taking the day off!” So we did. All 8 million of us, it seemed!

It was like a Christmas day, but unanticipated and off-the-cuff. Kids were off school, Adults off work. It was really quite special, a whole city, 8 million people or whatever it is; made to take the day off, relax and enjoy the snow. Wonderful.

It’s the last full week before Christmas and this time next week, I shall be pelting up the M1 with my cousin to Yorkshire for Christmas week, then to lovely Derbyshire for New Year, then finally back to London very promptly to deliver a deadline Monday 4th!

So, this pile of work….. Here’s what I’m up to this week.

Finishing off roughs for Monster Under the Bed for Harpur Collins, Big Cat Drama. Here are a couple of said rough roughs:

Finishing off Vile final art. Only T-minus 3 spreads to do, plus some vignettes. SO close now. Pretty happy with how it’s panning out though.

Working also with a company that do online ordering for Takeaways called YouChomp.

They have asked me to come up with a character for the site. Will be having a play with this tomorrow, needs to be generic foodie, but avoiding all chef stereotypes. Hmmmmm.

Pile of work is staring hard at me now. Oh, his eyes have turned red….. he’s drumming his fingers on the desk impatiently. I’m in trouble, better sort him out. Some piles are just so demanding. I mean REALLY.