um, that’s not Christmas drinks with Hodder and Orchard were VILE…. Actually they were rather NICE. Was a lovely afternoon/evening, spent time chatting to a lot of new people and catching up with old contacts. Followed by a little canter over to the local pub for more christmas drinks and (by that time) some extremely silly chit chat. Also some good advice and some hard hitting reality checks. As you would expect of a group of artists together in one room, much delightful display of that eccentric streak!! Very hilarious and appreciated.

It’s getting busy again with the run up to Christmas, three weeks and counting- scary. Haven’t written a post, in a little while… so here’s a brief-ish update of some my Illustration shinanigans:

Next week I’m about to start on roughs for a very warm, very hilarious book called ‘The Monster Under the Bed.”  One of the Big Cat Drama series with HarperCollins. Rather nice to illustrate a play.

Just waiting for layouts to come through for the first of a 3 book series called ‘Globetrotters’ with Pearson. Which spans well into spring 2010. It’s about a little family and the Dad is a photographer, his work takes him to many a glamourous location around the world. Nice stories, all about accidental mix ups turning out better than hoped. so quite fun stuff. Proposing to add in a little photographic element to these images this time. Will let you know how I get on. Always good to be stretched!

Also, I’ve been whittling away at my Picture book for Lion Hudson- entitled VILE! Still absolutely in love with colour. Just had the go ahead on the cover rough, so will be inking him up this afternoon. nice.

And working on a private commission with a friend of a friend from my Church- a little book called ‘My Nanny Has Parkinsons”. Lovely to help somebody leave a legacy- how could I say no to this one…?

Better get back to some Cover delights. I’m very busy and important. 🙂